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mR a UK

Mr A is a Brighton based promoter and DJ who together with his lady Miss A are the Weird Ohs! behind London club night Weirdsville along with the UK’s wildest themed party weekend Hipsville A Go! Go! 

Beware! because this punk likes to shake things up behind the decks so expect the unexpeted as Mr A’s box of Good Taste 45s will be so packed full of punk, garage, instro-mentals, Turkish titty-shakers and even some fist pumping glam, you won’t wanna leave the dance floor_

A long time ago Mr A started to spread his love of trashy rock’n’roll on his You Got Good Taste podcast which began it’s life as a featured show on, now that site has gone you can find his shows over on Mixcloud_

Little Carl.jpg


DJ Zorch has been spinnin wild wax for the past 16 years in various parts of America and Mexico_

His passion is to revive forgotten blasts from the past and share them with anyone willing to listen_

This crazed record fiend has an unquenchable addiction to hunt down obscure 45’s from all over the planet_


When it’s his turn behind the decks there’s no telling what hE's gonna spin. His next destination has him super stoked!!! Hipsville here he comes_


miss a Belgium

Carlos debut was  early 2002 under the pseudonym Dj Topcat. At the end of 2002 he founded Hot-Shot sound system, a DJ duo focused on spreading Jamaican music, specifically ska, rocksteady and early reggae. He was one of the first DJs in Mexico City to play exclusively on 45 rpm vinyl. In 2004 he co-founded the now defunct Rocket Sound System. In 2006 he adopted his own name as a deejay -Carlos RenE- while expanding his musical horizon to other genres such as R&B, Soul, Garage, Freakbeat, Mod Jazz and '60s Funk. In 2009 Carlos founded the monthly dance club night Hipshakers! focused on '60s and early '70s sounds. In 2015 he started a new project focused on tropical rhythms called Bombo y Maracas, where he explores the Afro Latin and Caribbean heritage.


miss a Belgium

Miss A the Beat Girl from Belgium, who together with MR A is the organiser of London’s club nite Weirdsville and of the UK’s Hipsville A Go! Go! party weekend_

If that’s not rock’n’roll enough Miss A is currently the bass player in the UK’s psych garage sensation The Jack Cades and before that laid down the bass in former Belgian surf legends Speedball JR_

Things get groovy when Miss A gets behind the decks as her mix of psych, garage, surf and beat, mixed with a touch of BeNeLux dance tunes always fills the dance floor_

Danny 'O'.jpg


Anna has spun discs across the UK, Europe and the USA together with some of her favourite DJs that also DJ at the Hipsville Weekender_

Anna has been running a club night in Glasgow with Holly Calder, called 'Anna & Holly's Dance Party' for the last five years, where the main objective is to dance and have fun.

She loves collecting and playing rhythm & blues, 60s garage and popcorn records, as well as modern artists who showcase those flavours

, Anna's objective is to play tunes that people can dance and lose their minds to!

Rick Barzell_edited.jpg

miss a Belgium

Rick Barzell throws two of the best rock n’ roll parties in Los Angeles: Cretin Hop and Green Slime. Working Together with Roger Mars These two crazies have been spinning together and collaborating on concerts/events for over 10 years, and are very excited to come and spin their own brand of killer punk, fuzzed-out garage, and up tempo r'n'b records for this year’s Hipsville

Fred Bodysway.jpeg


Crossing the deepest seas, all the way from the exotic kingdom of Belgium, here comes Fred Bodysway !

I’m based in Liege, organizing there the Növo Vision nights, which mix punk and garage live bands with the fuzziest 60s DJs action ! 

While my mind is floating into the psychedelia, I keep my feet in the punk magma, so expect me to serve you an unhealthy dose of primitive garage and more shenanigans straight outt the wildest side of the 60s !

Tracey Screamcheese.jpg

tRacey screamcheese UK

Tracey Screamcheese lights up the dance floor with  a Hip Shaking obscure delight of 60s garage, Psych and Freakbeat_

Tracey's roots stem from immersing her teenage years in the UK Mod scene dancin' through the night to  loving club soul and RnB_

Over the years her musical taste and record collection has expanded and become more eclectic_

Watch out as Tracey  can be found digging for records all over the UK, visiting small towns, looking for those unknown obscure tracks and wild B sides!

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