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It came fROm beNeath the sea!

FORmed iN the pRimORdial depths, teRROR swells fROM the OceaN fLOOR, RisiNg high fROm the waves!

It's Hipsville 2024

CalliNg cReatURes fROm the blackest lagOONs!

GOdzillas aNd GOdzUkis! CRaNked-Up KRakeNs aNd whiNiNg whale-eRs! ROck lObsteRs aNd ship wReckeRs! JUmpiN’ jellyfish, limbOiN’ limpets, aNd bOppiN’ baRNacles! bladdeR-wRackeRs aNd ROlleRs! DaRe yOU take a RUNNiNg jUmp OveRbOaRd aNd dive intO the bRiNy deep? 


This yeaR, the LidO siNks beNeath the waves iNtO a seaweed-festOONed, cORal-flOORed wORld Of wONdeR. StRap ON yOUR faNciest flippeRs, aNd take a big hUff ON the OxygeN pipe.

It’s time tO gO dOwN. Deep, deep dOwN. 


Expect sea-mONsteR ROcking that’s RUmbliN’ eNOUgh tO caUse a tsUNami!

This yeaR, we’ve gOt baNds swimmiNg iN fROm all aROUNd the wORld; we ONly pick the fReshest fReaks,

aNd this yeaR’s catch will blOw yOUR miNd. 


ON the daNcefLOOR, it’s time tO JacqUes (COUsteaU) yOUR bOdy.

Expect the gURgliest gO-gO daNceRs, DJs lUgging tReasURe chests bURstiNg with the mOst mONstROUs beats, aNd, as eveR, pleNty Of sUb-aqUatic sheNaNigaNs aNd shaRk-iNfested chaOs! 


We’Re gOiNg tO Need a biggeR bOat!

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