HIPSVILLE Seaside A Go Go! line up


FRIDAY NIGHT 8pm – 6am



The Rezillos ripped into the rock scene through a shared love of Sixties Garage Rock, the Spectoresque Girl Group voice of The Shangri Las injected with their inimitable molten attitude and created their unique left-field brand of punk rock and roll. The speed at which they gathered a following took the band by surprise.
The Rezillos off-kilter three minute sparkling pop gems and a unique visual style was steeped in a culture of bad boys, bad girls, bad movies and great rock and roll. Their independent debut single, “I Can’t Stand My Baby” shot them to underground fame. Their follow up classic singles “My Baby Does Good Sculptures”, “Top of the Pops” and “Destination Venus” signalled critically acclaimed milestones for the band. The Rezillos recorded their landmark album “Can’t Stand the Rezillos” which reached the top 10 in the UK album chart and is lauded as punk classic. After the implosion of The Rezillos, Fay and Eugene went on form the The Revillos, an offshoot of The Rezillos with an arty sixties pop sound, producing some unique recordings alongside innovative early pop videos. They released a studio album “Rev up” and toured extensively from the late 70’s through the 80’s and played to a cult following in the UK, USA and Europe.



Zelators are as unpredictable as they sound. They play what they please, as they please, mixed and stirred in a cocktail that combines Amphetamine New Wave, Punk, Rock & Roll, Beat, Garage… something like a mutation of B-52’s, Beastie Boys, Chris Montez, Devo, Damned, Question Mark & the Mysterians, Specials, Madness… or all that at once!!!! In addition they sing in several languages, English, Spanish, German… these guys are filterless, handless, brakeless, and headless!



In their music Messer Chups combine surf, beats, film samples, scratchy historical recordings, loungey and cartoon sounds from the 50′s and 60′s. Messer Chups is the project of Russian composer Oleg Gitarkin, and while the band’s instrumental rock is hard to neatly categorize, it’s safe to say that it would be enjoyed by fans of rockabilly, horror punk, scratchy surf records, Italian slasher films, pulp fiction, lounge music, Ed Wood, the theremin, the Cramps, Russ Meyer movies and lovers of the “The Addams Family.” Gitarkin incorporates all of these elements and more, layering samples from Russian B-movies over weird vintage keyboard chirps and groovy horn loops.



From another galaxy evil time lord Davros returns to Earth with his Deep Space Deviants in their bid to destroy culture as we know it and in return re-programme Earthlings brains to the new sound emitting from planet Skaro.

You have been warned humanoids, expect the unexpected!






Exotic music, 60’s beat! Since 2012, The Rhum Runners, these cosmopolitan jet-setters from the continent have been sampling the lo-ball beverages in airport lounges and burlesque parlors from Mexico City to Saigon, in order to bring you their exotic sounds.  After having stripped down half the West Coast and flooded the South of France with home-crafted spirits, the crew is now boarding to smuggle into the port of Margate UK for HIPSVILLE Seaside A Go Go! So hop aboard, and get ready to smuggle some groove and booze!



THE LIVING DEAD, mysterious masked bikers, back from the dead to terrorise the living at HIPSVILLE with rock’n’roll.

These Psychomaniacs are ready to ‘Rumble’ and only “The Shadow Knows” if you’re gonna “Run Chicken Run”.




**NEW** It’s the HIPSVILLE ROLLER DISCO! One hour of hi-energy fun Saturday afternoon.
With none other than the Benny Hill of the decks DJ legend MIKE ‘Disco’ GUNN who’ll be funking you with his 7″ and if you’re very lucky his 12″ too as you roll around his dance floor! So get ready to bump’n’grind and push push in the bush chanting let’s go round again at the Saturday afternoon HIPSVILLE ROLLER DISCO. You supply the satin shorts! Skates can be hired, so no excuses!






Johnny Mafia play fast and loud! These four from Sens, France, dwell on the legacies of the Ramones, the Pixies or Jay Reatard garage style energy, stocky songs blasted out, Johnny Mafia achieves the basic miracle of rock’n’roll, fast and loud !



 Garage-psych band from Mexico City! Delivering raw, edgy, dark and intense songs reminiscent of those early garage punk bands found on ‘Back From The Grave’, ‘Teenage Shutdown’ etc. However, Viv and the Sect’s outstanding songwriting skills displayed on the their recent debut LP ‘This Will Pass’ has also led them to be closely compared with ’60s West Coast garage-psych legends such as (early) Love, The Music Machine and Electric Prunes.



 The Fuzillis.... one word instr-o-mentals, rowdy saxes, raunchy guitars, and a wallet full of atomic age twist and grind a go-go tunes. A four man tag team featuring the atomic powered geetar twang of Dan Martin Jr, the rootin’ tootin tenor sax tones of T-Mag Maguire, the thunderous jungle rhythms of W J Oake III and the boss of the bass, Mr Frankie Fuzilli.
Where Link Wray and Las Vegas Grind collide with Grady Gaines’ Upsetters and The Fabulous Wailers by way of Nick Curran and Spike Jones. The Fuzillis... atomic age raunch’n’roll with a twist… you’ll dance till your toes bleed.
Ungawa, baby… UNGAWA!





For the first time in the UK LOS SUSTOS, authentic garage punk from Mexico City. LOS SUSTOS deliver a rock’n’roll sound that is influenced by legendary 60’s garage bands like The Sonics and The Seeds and then immersed with the attitude and delivery of 80’s garage revival bands like The Mummies! Mix this all together with a healthy dose of Mexicano punk and you get 100% garage punkers LOS SUSTOS.



 Sir Bald’ returns to surf ridin,’ keg shakin’, pie eatin’, wig flippin’ rock n’ roll action with his new musical combination!
Some 25 years ago ‘Sir Bald Diddley’ lost his hair and his mind, picked up a guitar and became ‘Sir Bald Diddley’. Together with his ‘Big Wigs’ (then ‘Wig-Outs’) he began playing a primal mix of surf, rock n roll and garage rock. Two and half decades on and the ‘Bald Bomber’ is back with a new musical incarnation….. ‘Sir Bald Diddley and his Ripcurls



 Harry Violet & the Sharks are raw sax-driven rock & roll 4 piece. Crawling the streets of London, intent on mixing dive-bar jive and 12-bar rhythms with dark nightmarish grooves. The band started out playing energetic and primitive versions of their favourite sounds of late-50s and early-60s rock & roll, surf and garage in London’s shadowy basement clubs. This sound has been brewed up with the sound of madness and eclectic influences from The Cramps, The Lounge Lizards, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Tom Waits and the eccentricities of Joe Meek productions.




NEIL SICK & CHRIS SICK (Stay Sick Brighton UK)

Chris and Neil Sick are the degenerate Cramps obsessed dynamic duo that make Brighton rock’n’roll with their monthly STAY SICK club nite. These two fully fledged Weird Ohs are guaranteed to get you dancing with their spins, expect to hear sleazy and greasy rock’n’roll from the fifties & sicksties including surf, boppin rockabilly, swingin rhythm and blues and twistin’ tittyshakers, not forgetting a generous serving of primitive garage punk for all you black leather wearing weird-ohs!



DJs Diddy Wah and Fritz Buzzsaw teamed up in 2012 to bring London its wildest new Rock’n’Roll and R&B club night, HEAVY SUGAR.


Diddy Wah is deep into blues, surf, rockabilly, R&B, gospel, garage, soul and rock’n’roll from the 1950s and ‘60s. Just spend a short while listening to his NTS radio show or reading his 45rpm record blog and you will feel his passion for top quality music in its original vinyl form. He has a knack for finding unique tunes that drive dancers wild.


Fritz Buzzsaw runs the Buzzsaw Joint club nights, where you’ll hear an explosive mix of high octane rock’n’roll, trashy surf, tittyshakers, ’60s beats, stompin’ rockabilly and jumpin’ rhythm & blues, all from the wide grooves of 45rpm records. He also curates the dangerously good Buzzsaw Joint Mixcloud site, which features savage mixes created by record fiends around the globe.



Merseyside maestro Carl is a DJ who has been there and done it! When Carl‘s not promoting his own Liverpool clubnight The Go-Go Cage he can be found behind the kit laying down the beat in one of the best Las Vegas Grind bands around DOKTOR COMBOVER, and if that isn’t enough Carl also delivers the driving beat for THE SHOOK UPS! As for his DJ’n Carl has taken his amazing collection of tunes all around the world including DJ slots at Glastonbury, Born Bad Festival (Paris), Blast-Off Festival (Nottingham) as well as a tour of all the cool haunts in Australia. Carl loves to spin Twangy Surf, Greasy R’n’B, Fuzzy Garage, Soul Shouters, Tough Doo Wop but closest to his heart is blasting out a Titty Twistin’ Stripper Instro and who can blame him!!



Johnny Alpha is a purveyor of all things trashy, sleazy and raw. Playing a heady mix of greasy instrumentals, balls out rock n roll, fuzz drenched garage, soul r&b and breakbeat. He’s the host of the Killer Diller Radio Show and the man behind both of the outrageously wild and wonky “Blunderbuss” compilations. He started up the infamous Rendez-vous club in his home town of Wigan before going on the join the Go-Go cage team in Liverpool. A veteran of the 60’s scene this man has djed at some of the best festivals in Europe bringing his box of 45 killers to the Ballroom Bash, the Boiler Club, the Funtastic Dracula Carnival, Heavy Sugar, Loud Mufflers, Micca Club and Mojo Work out. He spends way too much time fingering through dusty boxes of records, searching for that elusive sound that only exists in his own mind.




They call her Zombierella and she’s the bass player and singer with surf legends Messer Chups from St. Petersburg (Russia) and the front woman of the horrorbilly band The Bonecollectors.
Some time ago she fancied some hot rock’n’roll DJ-ing, so Zombierella got herself a licence to spin the hottest 7″ 50s & 60s R&B, instrumental, wild rock’n’roll, rockabilly and garage records. So see you cool creatures on the dance floor!



The chosen one. This is one’s first thought that comes to mind after entering Barcelona’s A Wamba Buluba Club and seeing him behind the decks. In old times people would’ve said the kid was born for it, but in truth it was the world that put him in his place. Risky promoter, resident DJ and brilliant PR, his sessions are a mix of Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Garage, Rockabilly, Exotica and all 50’s and 60’s dance music. During little more than one year he was also the head honcho at the Balambambú Club at Sidecar Factory in Barcelona and was also DJing at the Gonzo Club (Zurich), Bassy Club (Berlin), Heavy Sugar (London), Bootleg Bar and Botanica (NYC). Cutting it short, he’s the son-in-law we all wanted for our daughters. At the Hipsville he won’t be playing at home ground but he’s out to win!


Cosmic Keith

Cosmic Keith is a London legend! His style goes way back to his roots and to the sounds which influenced him as a greasy haired teenager many moon’s ago. His love for bands from the 80’s UK trash scene like the Vibes, the Stingrays , Delmonas and of course Thee Milkshakes kicked it off but it was the rockabilly and R&B scene where Cosmic Keith first started DJ’n regular nights. Cosmic has spun at all the top rockabilly and R&B clubs in London, Europe and the USA over the last 30 years!! But now he’s decided to cut off his rockin’ shackles and instead dived head first into the bottomless pit of 60’s degenerated Rock’n’Roll trashy teen punk sounds! Cosmic Keith likes his music hard edged and sharp as a switch blade!! So listen out for a DJ set that’s straight from the Rock’n’Roll jungle cos this cat’s got all the tunes!



London legend Eddie Piller started the legendary fanzine, Extraordinary Sensations and record label in 1980. Soon after he teamed up with DJ Gilles Peterson to establish the Acid Jazz label forwarding one of the most influential youth movements of the 90s, eventually signing bands such as The James Taylor Quartet, Jamiroquai, the Brand New Heavies, Snowboy, Corduroy, Mother Earth, A Man Called Adam, Terry Callier. In 1993 Piller opened the ground-breaking nightclub, The Blue Note, in London’s extremely unfashionable Hoxton (a place known more for its bomb sites that its culture at that time!). Piller has more recently moved into broadcasting, hosting shows for Jazz FM, BBC Radio London, BBC 6music, Q Radio, Radio 4 and appeared on Pop On Trial and Soul Britannia for the BBC…He currently hosts the successful chat chow The Modcast and presents The Eclectic Soul Show, both for the new and innovative Soho Radio! Piller is a regular DJ at Glastonbury, Isle Of Wight, Bestival and a whole host of other festivals whilst also maintaining a healthy DJ schedule in the nightclubs of Europe.



Richio Suzuki brings his legendary Hawaiian bop club sounds to Hipsville.
Hawaiian Bop has been running 5 years now at venues in London such as the Bussey in Peckham, where he has hosted live bands such as The Trojans – The Top Cats- Sister Cookie – Jack Rabbit Slim plus a whole host of top Guest DJ’s including Keb Darge – Jazzman Gerald- Jo Wallace – Bob Jones- Dr Kruger – Fritz Buzzsaw- Eddie Piller- Miss 45s & many more.
The name Hawaiian Bop came simply from Dj’s such as Keb Darge – Andy Smith & Richio’s habit of wearing Hawaiian shirts!
Richio is looking forward to dig deep into his obscure and exotic 60’s sounds for Hipsville’s Sunday afternoon’s TiKi Party.
So if you only wear an hawaiian shirt once this week make sure it’s Sunday afternoon with DJ Richio Suzuki from Hawaiian Bop.




go go nocturna

Spanish born, 60’s lovin’ Nocturna, brings a flavour of the exotic to the HIPSVILLE Go! Go! Girl line up.
Nocturna’s smouldering latin grooves and moves have graced the stage at some of the leading 60’s parties across Europe including Euro YeYe, Le Beat Bespoke, Funtastic as well as various cool 60’s clubs throughout Europe.
So be prepared to be entranced and enraptured by the lure of this latin lady, as Nocturna has all the exotic twists, turns and shimmies to make a party Go! Go! Go!


Dottie is a french burlesque performer and 60’s Go Go dancer from Lyon since 2012. She’s inspired by the sounds of French yé yé, surf music, freakbeat, garage punk and all things Go! Go! Since she was a child Dottie loved old horror movies, vintage baby dolls and Russ Meyer’s movies!! These discoveries were enough for Dottie to launch herself into the wild world of burlesque and Go Go dancing. Watch out though as on stage she has the innocence of Lolita, and the savage hunger of a Black Widow!


Long before The Creature from the Black Lagoon captured and held Wanda captive in his subterranean cave Wanda lived near Grenoble in the French Alps, this is where she first started her dancin’ as a tityshaker! driving the crowd wild on stage at the ‘Beat’n’Burlesque I’ with her scintillating moves and then moving on to shakin’ her hips on stage with the likes of Les Grys Grys and The Sonics. Her love for all things weird’n’wild led her to create her very own exotica stage performances in tribute to the B Movies of 50’s ‘n’ 60’s. Wanda’s passion for surf and trash means there’s plenty of shakin’ and grindin’ to savage rhythms going on in Wanda’s performances. Visit Wanda De Lullabies website here


Alexandra Beatgirl is my favourite hip shaker at HIPSVILLE (it goes without saying, Mr A x).
Belgium’s premier Beatgirl Alexandra is a scooter riding, bass playing 60’s chick who loves to Go! Go!
When she’s not speeding around on her Lambretta Alexandra adds the feminine touch playing the bass in her surf instrumental band SPEEDBALL JR.
When she’s not on stage playing the bass the Beat in this Girl doesn’t stop as she loves to Go! Go! And Alexandra has shaken’ it with the best on stage at top weekends such as The Wild Weekend and Suicide Twist as well as adding some Beatgirl moves on stage for bands such as The Apemen and The Mighty Gordinis. Don’t miss Alexandra the twistin’ Beat Girl at HIPSVILLE.


Célia Aloha will be bringing a taste of the exotic to HIPSVILLE, all the way from Hawaii via Oh la la! Paris, and Oh la la we’re sure you’ll say too as Célia Aloha promises to dazzle you with her exotic wild contortions and amaze you with her passion and ability to shake it all night long! From an early age Célia‘s moves proved too much even for the hip shakin’ Hawaiians, so the South Sea’s loss was Europe’s gain as Célia brought her Pacific passion for shakin’n’shimmin’ to Paris. Since then Célia‘s Go-Go boots have graced many stages and shook it with some of THEE best including The Trashmen, The Staggers, King Salami and The Sonics, as you can see her love for Go-Go has certainly travelled!!


A member of The Actionettes, London’s original all-female 60’s dance troupe, Miss Diabolik has shaken and shimmied all over the place from London to Rome, including at the Wild Weekend, Le Beat Bespoke, Blow Up, Da Doo Ron Ron, Ladyfest, Duckie, Gay Shame and Mods vs Rockers, and has shared the stage with the likes of Arthur Lee, Kim Fowley, The Nuns and Holly Golightly. Her love of wild sounds and dynamic dancing is equalled by her passion for bizarro films of the horrific kind. Expect to see her jerking and frugging like a wild caged vixen at Hipsville Seaside A Go Go!


Tina Tuna escaped the nets of Norwegian deep sea fisherman and hoisted her way to dry land after overhearing Chuck Berry’s ‘Reelin and a Rockin’ on the ships radio. Once on dry land, there was no tin strong enough to contain her fishy business and her cold blooded gogo moves. There is no descaling this one – a fish out of water and ready to drown herself in music for you at Hipsville!