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In addition to music, go-go girls & gorillas, HIPSVILLE has a weekend vintage market open to both HIPSVILLE party people and general visitors to DREAMLAND Margate, with stalls selling clothes, records and home wear, perfect for those looking for something cool to wear or something hip for their homes.

Stall holders if you’re interested in selling your clothes, homeware, jewellery, records or anything you think is HIPSVILLE, click the link to download/view the terms & conditions PDF form.





Hipsville Records debut ‘limited edition’ 45 out in NOW

Sir Bald Diddley and his Ripcurls

Two sides of wild’n’twistin’ Go-Go mania!

A “The Wrong Gorilla”  AA “Hipsville”


Email hipsvilleagogo@gmail.com to order any of the merch


Hipsville Records