This year HIPSVILLE has a Custom Car and Bike Show taking place at Dreamland Margate on Sunday 30th April. Vintage, custom cars and bikes from all eras are welcome to roll up with the chance to be awarded one of the famous HIPSVILLE rosettes for the ‘Coolest’ sets of wheels. If you want to show your cool ride inside Margate’ s historic Dreamland theme park then your vehicle must be in place before the park opens .. entry is at 10.30, if you arrive later all other rides will be shown in the large car park next to Dreamland’s entrance.

Visit our HIPSVILLE Sunday Auto Show Facebook Page for more info or email us on


Saturday and Sunday afternoon is your chance to get exotic as HIPSVILLE has its very own cocktail party called TiKiViLLE. Enjoy tropical cocktails whilst DJs spin the coolest, grooviest wax and bands deliver exotic sounds. Feel free to dress Hawaiian casual to make it a real hula hula TiKi afternoon!

In addition to music, cars, bikes, go-go girls & gorillas, HIPSVILLE has a 3-day vintage market with stalls selling clothes, records and home wear, perfect for those looking for something cool to wear or something hip for their homes.

Take a look at all the cool rides that have rolled up to HIPSVILLE